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CES 2021: laptopuri upgradate și hardware nou de la Acer, Asus, ADATA, TP-Link și Razer

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  • Sectiunea: TEHNOLOGIE
  • Author: Radu DUMITRU
  • Medium: Blog
  • Tipul aparitiei: News
  • Data: 2021-01-13
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  • Legat de evenimentul: ROG Online Event @ CES 2021 - For those Who Dare
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Asus has upgraded many laptops and even announced a new concept - Flow with removable video card, which sounds good in theory, but in practice depends on the proper functioning of many factors. It can be used as a normal ultrabook, and when you want to play something, you connect that external video card to the laptop. Is it again a technological demonstration made by Asus or a new range of laptops that will be maintained for many years to come?

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  • TP-Link
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