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Asus Zenbook Pro 16X OLED UX7602 – the most powerful ZenBook

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  • Sectiunea: 15.6 inch or larger
  • Author: Andrei GIRBEA
  • Medium: Site Web
  • Tipul aparitiei: Unboxing / Hands-on
  • Data: 2022-05-09
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  • Legat de evenimentul: ASUS - The Pinnacle of Performance
  • Release: n/a


In just a few words, the ZenBook Pro 16X is the most powerful ZenBook to date, a design capable (according to Asus, and something we haven’t yet tested ourselves) of up to 140W of combined CPU+GPU power, in a 16.9 mm thin product, while only ramping to fans to 40 dB.

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