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Asus ZenBook Pro 14 Duo OLED UX4802 review (2022 UX4802ZE – Core i7, 3050Ti)

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  • Sectiunea: 14 inch
  • Author: Andrei GIRBEA
  • Medium: Site Web
  • Tipul aparitiei: Review
  • Data: 2022-05-09
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  • Legat de evenimentul: ASUS - The Pinnacle of Performance
  • Release: n/a


The 2022 update of the 14-inch ZenBook Duo improves on the past generation in multiple ways, making it a more competent multi-purpose laptop. However, that’s not changing my conclusions from the previous years about this series. This is an option for those who must have a dual-screen computer and are willing to pay extra and accept the compromises inherent with this format: the heavier weight, the higher price, and the limited ergonomics when not using the laptop on the desk

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