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Asus ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM review (2023 GZ301VIC – i9, 32GB RAM, RTX 4070)

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  • Sectiunea: Asus
  • Author: Andrei GIRBEA
  • Medium: Site Web
  • Tipul aparitiei: Review
  • Data: 2023-03-31
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It's a unique design and perhaps appealing to some of you, but the extra bulk and weight and the funky keyboard are not quite my things, as I much prefer the cleaner design of the standard Z13 variants. At the same time, this Z13 ACRNM offers specs that are not available with the regular Z13s, such as 32 GB of RAM and a 4070 dGPU, and also runs quieter and cooler than the standard models, thanks to that slab of metal on the back of the chassis. But are these enough to justify the price premium?

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