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QNAP completeaza linia de servere NAS cu 9 sertare, prin introducerea modelului premiat TVS-951X

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  • Data: 2018-07-31
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Following the launch of the TS-932X (AnnapurnaLabs) and TS-963X (AMD processor) models, QNAP Systems completes the new, high-capacity, compact network storage server line by introducing the TVS-951X multimedia server with connectivity 10GbE. The new model is based on the seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processors, providing a private cloud solution that combines high storage capacity and 10GbE connectivity. The TVS-951X delivers the high storage potential of a nine-drawer NAS in the standard five-drawer case. With a hybrid storage structure that enables the full benefits of HDD and SSDs to be fully maximized, the TVS-951X excels in providing a small and medium sized enterprise with a reliable and scalable storage solution

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