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Top 30 cele mai inovatoare branduri de tehnologie

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  • Data: 2018-04-18
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These are the brands that are used and recommended, but also those that offer the best experience to gadget users in Romania. Because they love technology and want to be aware of the latest global trends, it also critically evaluates the functional aspects of devices using new technologies and many make well-documented decisions. The result is the top of the Top 30 Top Brands of Technology, which includes the most innovative brands of gadgets in the perception of Romanian consumers.

Companii menționate

  • ASUS

Branduri menționate

  • Foarte buna HP
  • Foarte buna Philips
  • Foarte buna Sony
  • Foarte buna Samsung
  • Foarte buna ASUS
  • Foarte buna LG
  • Foarte buna Lenovo

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